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Engineered Marble

Lehigh Surfaces engineered marble surfaces are products of a proprietary manufacturing process. These surfaces are available in a splendid spectrum of colors resembling what Mother Nature has to offer in natural marble surfaces. The spectrum of color choices offered by Lehigh Surfaces in our engineered marble family is classified into two categories -

Standard Marble Colors - Our standard marble colors are named so because of their applicability and ease of blend with any design and suite of bathroom décor. Over the years we have streamlined production of these colors to a point that they offer great variety of choices to K&B designer at a very good price-point.

Premier Marble Colors - This group of colors offer a distinct selection of finishes and appearances that are suitable for specialized, high-end custom bathroom décor. The choice in this group include rich blend of veined colors such as Champagne (M 27), Rhapsody Blue (M 234) and Sandbar (M 281). Because of the customized manufacturing process required to develop the depth and richness offered in these colors, these are offered at a premium over the standard colors.

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Color Gallery


  • graniteM-1 White on White
  • graniteM-5 Bone with White Vein
  • graniteM-12 Biscuit with White Vein
  • graniteM-19 White on White Natural Vein
  • graniteM-60 White/White Beige Vein

Marble Colors

  • graniteS-80 Solid White
  • graniteS-81 Solid Almond
  • graniteS-84 Solid Bone
  • graniteS-140 Solid Biscuit
  • graniteM-206 White on White Almond Vein
  • graniteM-239 Eggshell with White Vein

Premium Marble Colors

  • graniteM-6 White on Sterling
  • graniteM-27 Champagne
  • graniteM-31 Sand
  • graniteM-40 White on Black
  • graniteM-186 Tender Gray
  • graniteM-187 Desert Bloom
  • graniteM-189 Taupe
  • graniteM-195 Thunder Greya
  • graniteM-225 Sandalwood
  • graniteM-234 Rhapsody Blue
  • graniteM-237 Fireplace Green
  • graniteM-256 Mocha Crème II
  • graniteM-281 Sandbar
  • graniteM-16 Wild Rose
  • graniteM-22 Fawn Beige
  • graniteM-42 Country Gray
  • graniteM-52 Parchment
  • graniteM-68 Mexican Sand
  • graniteM-76 Heather
  • graniteM-188 Innocent Blush
  • graniteM-196 Ice Grey
  • graniteM-802 Colorado Plateau
  • graniteM-803 Crème de Carrera
  • graniteM-804 Classic Ivory
  • graniteM-809 Almond Butter

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