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Engineered Granite

Lehigh Surfaces engineered granites are products of same proprietary process used in the production of engineered marble. Engineered granite surfaces, however, use a specialized coating material resulting in superior functionality and consistent appearance.

Lehigh Surfaces engineered granite surfaces are comparable to natural granite and some industry-leading solid surface and quartz surfaces. However, the manufacturing process used in the production of our engineered granite surfaces, it can be used for a much wider set of products with feature functionality that’s un-imaginable with comparable products mentioned above.

Engineered Granite colors are available in two groups – RG-2100 Series and RG-2200 series.

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Color Gallery

RG-2100 Series

  • graniteRG-2105 Sabrina
  • graniteRG-2106 Buttercream
  • graniteRG-2107 Sand
  • graniteRG-2108 Cloud
  • graniteRG-2162 Earth
  • graniteRG-2167 Marshmallow
  • graniteRG-2168 Burlap
  • graniteRG-2177 Spicy
  • graniteRG-2180 Ashley
  • graniteRG-2181 Rabbit
  • graniteRG-2182 Mocha
  • graniteRG-2184 Lemongrass
  • graniteRG-2189 Grand Canyon
  • graniteRG-2192 Aurora
  • graniteRG-2193 Kodiak Brown
  • graniteRG-2194 Charcoal Black
  • granite RG-2195 Champagne
  • granite RG-2196 Crushed Almond
  • granite RG-2197 Gobi
  • granite RG-2198 Aggregate
  • granite RG-2199 Snow Peak


  • graniteRG-2201 Cottonball
  • graniteRG-2202 Cornfield
  • graniteRG-2203 Kitten
  • graniteRG-2205 Gold Nugget
  • graniteRG-2208 Sterling Silver
  • graniteRG-2209 Autumn
  • graniteRG-2210 Blue Danube
  • graniteRG-2212 Morning Dew

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